The new force in Sales Outsourcing and Consultancy in the City.


Sales Kinetics is a specialist sales and marketing consultancy. Working closely with customers to help boost performance, increase revenues and improve profitability. We do this by helping organisations win and keep more clients and grow their revenues.

Our approach is Practical, Consultative, and Successful.

Founded in 2008 at the height of the recession, Sales Kinetics has worked with start-ups and major corporates in bringing technology to the Financial Services market in the UK.  Consultancies usually only have capability around setting strategy and targets or the ability for hands-on delivery. We have extensive experience in both to ensure that goals are met or exceeded.

From market entry and sales strategy to interim sales management, business development, customer relationship management, branding and communications, we can create an expert team to provide the support your business needs.  We can tailor this to ensure that you are receiving the level of support and cost that is appropriate to your needs.



Our Methodology

We believe that any sales programme needs to follow a defined methodology to ensure a consistent performance to achieve targets. Our methodology is drawn from decades of sales experience to create a unique process which avoids the classic pitfalls and sets us apart from the crowd. Sales Kinetics uses a fully documented business mapping process tool which ensures that all our Consultants are using the same effective methods and documentation.

We will quickly get up to speed with an understanding of your business and your on-going plans, then we can assist you in delivering your sales pipeline, winning new customers, and also in retaining and growing your existing customer base.  With our proven Sales and Marketing techniques Sales Kinetics can help you work with existing customers to strengthen their loyalty and business which will be reflected by an increase in your company’s revenue.